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“Stratos” Café, Kastellorizo Island, Greece

Ground floor plan (Proposal)



Interior Design / Project Supervision 





Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer), Fotini Halvantzi (Architect Engineer)


The “Stratos” café is located in the main harbour of Kastellorizo, in a traditional residence next to the Italian market. It is a result of integrated planning from the furnishing to the choice of fabrics originating from neighbouring Turkey. The small café area was used to the fullest extent to operate as a modern cafeteria attracting many visitors.

During the works, the old masonry of the residence was revealed which was preserved as an element of traditional architecture and serves as a background in the café. Colours and textures were selected to match those in the “Poseidon” Hotel consistent with the simple design and continuing the hotel’s visual identity.

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