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“ViOS” Coworking Space, Athens, Greece

62. vios.jpg

Photo Source: Ifigenia Dimitriou

3d facade visualization: Manos Markakis

Photo Source: Vaggelis Fragoulis

Photo Source: Ifigenia Dimitriou

Ground floor plan (Proposal)


Interior and Exterior Design




Corina Saias (Vios CΟΟ), Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer), Nikolas Karantinos (Civil Engineer), Kube Contractors (Construction Company), Maria Mageirou (Mechanical Engineer), Greenways Hellas (Landscape Design Consultant)


In the heart of Athens, at the historical Pheidiou street, a seven-storey building that with its facade perfectly represents Athenian 1970s architecture was converted into a high-standard office building.

“Vios" is the first coworking space in Greece that has been designed to meet the WELL Building and Health Safety Standard. Furthermore, the building was designed and built achieving a Grade A Energy Efficiency, despite the fact that the offices were developed in an existing building shell.

The main aim of the proposal was to create a natural source of breath and a relaxation point in the city centre. For that reason, a biophilic design was applied by planting all outdoor areas (rear garden, balconies, roof) accordingly, by creating islands of greenery on each floor of the building’s interior, and by promoting wellness at work. Furthermore, in order to maintain the highest levels of COVID-19 protection, the new mechanical installations were specified in order to completely recycle the internal air, while non-porous materials were used to prevent the growth of bacteria.

The concrete grid facade of the building, part of the two-century old rich architectural history of the Pheidiou str. (German Archaeological Institute, Prokesch von Osten House, etc.) was preserved and upgraded by incorporating simple linear elements with a minimalistic design that respects the existing shell of the building.

In the open space, between the building and the partition wall of the legendary Hotel Titania at the rear, an urban pocket garden was created while maintaining the aged look and feel of the surrounding walls and a stonemasonry boundary wall with its unique texture, reflecting the atmosphere of this central Athenian neighbourhood. A garden with a pergola and a quiet space was created on the rooftop. The interiors of the building were decorated with materials and colors that evoke nature, while large windows at every floor provide plenty of natural sunlight. In the new proposal, the black metallic elements in combination with the warm materials, such as the wooden surfaces in various parts of the building, compose the visual identity of "ViOS”.

“Vios" is not only an office space but a work ecosystem, that was conceived as human-centered. The innovation of the architectural proposal is positively affecting the productivity and the wellness of the people working. Within “Vios” you can find among others, a multi space, conference rooms, a communal kitchen, a gym with showers and changing rooms, a yoga room, a meditation and relaxation room and a fully equipped massage room. 

"ViOS" is the first coworking space in Greece with a WELL Health-Safety Certification, is the gold winner of the "Health and Safety" Awards in the category "Healthy and Wellbeing Space" and has been distinguished in the category "Companies that excel in customer service" by winning the "Greek Award".

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