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“Akrotiri of Thera” Prehistoric Settlement, Santorini Island, Greece

Measured drawings of the Archaeological site


Architectural Survey of part of the Archaeological Site




Emilio Bendermacher - Geroussis (Architect Engineer), Michalis Sioulas (Architect Engineer), Athina Malisianou (Architect Engineer), Vasilis Mitsopoulos (Architect Engineer), Alexandros Petinarelis (Architect Engineer), Thimios Dimopoulos (Architect Engineer), Christos Doumas (Archaeologist)


Akrotiri of Thera was one of the most important centres of the Aegean in prehistoric times. The first settlements date back to the Late Neolithic Era (from the 4th millennium BC). During the Early Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC) there was a settlement in Akrotiri. During the Middle and Early Late Bronze Age (20th-17th century BC) this settlement expanded and became one of the most important urban centres and ports of the Aegean Sea.


The vast area it covers (about 200,000 square metres), its excellent urban planning system, its sewerage network, elaborate multi-storey buildings with exquisite frescoes, its rich furnishings and household effects witness its great development. During the construction of the new shelter, measured drawings were made of the rescue excavation of the Archaeological site.

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