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Roman Bath in “Brexiza”, Marathonas, Greece

Credit Management Fund for the Execution of Archaeological Projects / Committee for Consolidation and Promotion of Archaeological Sites of Marathonas (Cooperation with E-A Chlepa for the Study “Architectural Survey and Restoration of the Roman Valaneio at Mprexiza”)

Plan of the archaeological site


Architectural Survey of Archaeological Site




Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer), Emilio Bendermacher - Geroussis (Architect Engineer), Michalis Sioulas (Architect Engineer), Ioanna Soulele (Architect Engineer), Alexandros Petinarelis (Architect Engineer), Eleni-Anna Chlepa (Architect Engineer)


The Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods is an archaeological site of utmost importance for Attica; it opened to visitors in 2001 and excavations have continued systematically to date. A complex with numerous buildings dating back to 150-160 AD, it is believed to have been ordered by Herodes Atticus. Besides the main sanctuary, a luxurious bath building (valaneio) has been excavated, referring to imperial-style thermae in miniature in which the necessary cleansings took place before worship rituals. An Architectural Survey of the Archaeological Site was prepared.

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