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“Messene” Ancient Town, Messenia, Peloponnese, Greece

Measured drawings of the Archaeological site (source: Ε-Α Chlepa)


Architectural Survey of part of the Archaeological Site




Emilio Bendermaker - Geroussis (Architect Engineer), Eleni-Anna Chlepa (Architect Engineer), Petros Themelis (Archaeologist)


In 369 BC the capital of autonomous Messenia was founded. The strong fortification was part of the building programs of General Epaminondas. The fortified wall of Messene enclosed a large area of cultivated land within its walls ensuring its self-sufficiency during long sieges. The Hellenistic fortification of Messene is the most representative and impressive monument of the ancient city. The walls follow the intense relief of the area along a course of 9.5 km.

About 600 stones were found around the fortification, which were documented as architectural parts cut off from the outer or inner side of the wall. The scattered parts were measured and stone sheets with drawings and photographs were produced, which then served as a primary tool for the Restoration Study of the monument.

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