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“Saint Omer” Tower, Thebes, Greece

23rd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities - Greek Ministry of Culture (Study Assignment). The Project “Fastening - Restoration of the Tower of Saint Omer in Thebes” was carried out under the “Thessaly - Central Greece - Epirus” NSRF 2007-2013

Aerial photograph of the Tower and the Thebes Archaeological Museum (source: Arch. Museum of Thebes)

South view of the Tower (source: 23rd EBA - Ministry of Culture)

North view of the Tower

The Tower’s interior exhibition area (source: "Boeotian Periscope” 13/6/2015)

Gravure of 1836 (source: 23rd EBA - Ministry of Culture)

Plan (Proposal)

Elevation (Proposal)

Section (Proposal)


Monument Architectural and Restoration Survey




Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer), Fotini Chalvantzi (Architect Engineer), Giorgos Kourmadas (Architect Engineer, Pinelopi Kourkouti (Archaeologist), Dimitris Prokakis (Surveying Engineer), Avgoustina Scholidou (Architect Engineer)


The “Saint Omer” Tower is located in Thebes, Boeotia, at the northern end of the hill of Kadmia, the ancient acropolis of the city. In the yard of the Archaeological Museum there is a medieval tower, an impressive remnant of the Frankish occupation, when Thebes was the capital of the duchy of Athens.


The tower had at least three floors, of which only the ground floor and part of the first floor are still extant. A Restoration and Fastening Study was carried out for the tower to preserve the monument, make it visitable and create an exhibition area inside it. The Restoration Proposal provided for the Fastening of the architectural elements of the monument (masonry, arches and extant vaults), the replacement of floors and frames, electromechanical facilities, etc.


Today it functions as a complement to the permanent exhibition of the Thebes Archaeological Museum, presenting the history of the Saint Omer family and the course of the tower over time. 

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