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Monastery of “Saint Giorgos (Hagios Georgios) of the Mountain”, Kastellorizo Island, Greece

4th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities - Greek Ministry of Culture (Work contract for the Project “Restoration of the Monastery of Saint George of the Mountain on Kastellorizo” under the NSRF for Crete & Aegean Islands 2007-2014)

Photo Source: (F. Halvantzi in the framework of the Project of the 4th EBA of the Ministry of Culture)

Plan (source: 4th EBA of the Ministry of Culture / G. Karavelatzis)

Roofs plan (source: 4th EBA of the

Ministry of Culture / G. Karavelatzis)


Monument Architectural and Restoration Survey / Project Supervision




Fotini Chalvantzi (Architect Engineer), Giorgos Karavelatzis (Civil Engineer), Michalis Zerlentis (Architect Engineer)


The Monastery of Saint George (Hagios Georgios) of the Mountain, in Kastellorizo, was built in the location of an early Christian Basilica, from which the mosaic floor and some capitals are preserved. It is a fortified building complex with cells and a Katholikon (major church). The Katholikon is a one-room domed cruciform basilica, with groin vaults with ribs. Underneath the Katholikon of Saint George there is an underground carved crypt.


The Restoration of the Monastery entailed mainly the reconstruction of the cells that had collapsed and the maintenance of the interior décor of the Katholikon. A Detailed Study was carried out for the next construction phase which takes into account data collected on-site and recorded in detail, such as window and door designs, axonometric sketches and construction sections. 

Now, the entire monumental monastic complex has been fully restored and is open to the public.

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