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Municipal Art Gallery - “Theocharis Residence” of E. Ziller,

Kiato, Greece

Municipality of Sikyona (Assignment of “Supplementary Study for the Restoration of a Listed Building on Dimokratias and Sikyonos streets in Kiato of Corinth”)

Bottom view (Proposal) - Restoration of ceiling paintings

Section (Proposal)

Ground floor plan (Proposal)

Proposal for 
exhibit support

Building elevation (Proposal)

Ceiling paintings (source: I. Dimitriou

in the framework of the Study)


Monument Architectural and Restoration Survey / Museum Study / Exhibition Design




Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer-Museologist), Fotini Halvantzi (Architect Engineer), Konstantinos Toumpakaris (Civil Engineer), Konstantinos Galanis (Mechanical Engineer), Stephanos Karagiannis (Electrical Engineer), Asimina Grigoriou (Archaeologist-Museologist)


The Municipal Art Gallery in Kiato, a single-storey listed building known as “Theocharis Residence”, very close to the local railway lines, belongs to the Municipality of Sikyona. It is considered that is was built by renouned architect Ernst Ziller in 1853. The building, an elevated ground floor in the neoclassical style, is characterised by the smooth and symmetrical repetition of neoclassical morphological and decorative elements on its facades. Remarkable ceiling paintings adorn the residence, which is preserved in its original form.

A Restoration Study was carried out, as well as a Museological-Museographical study aiming at its reuse as an Art Gallery. Its new use required modifications to the internal structure and electromechanical facilities. The study aimed to address its structural, construction, functional and aesthetic problems and simultaneously highlight the monument and the exhibition it will host. The Art Gallery’s collection consists of twenty paintings by Greek artists, active from the mid-20th century until today (E.g. Giannis Gaitis, Alekos Fassianos, etc.).

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