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“Open Cities” Periodic Exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, Greece

Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Attica, Piraeus and Islands - Greek Ministry of Culture (Collaboration for the Museographical Study and the Construction of the periodic exhibition at the Piraeus Archaeological Museum)

Exhibition area plan

Exhibition area section

Photo Source: EA of Attica, Piraeus & Islands, Ministry of Culture


Museum Study / Exhibition Design / Project Supervision




Emilio Bendermacher-Geroussis (Architect Engineer), Dora Evangelou (Archaeologist - Museologist), Panagiotis Koutis (Archaeologist), Giorgos Peppas (Archaeologist), Eleni Kyramargiou (Historian), Stella Chrysoulaki (Archaeologist), Urban Environment Lab of the NTUA School of Architecture


Within the framework of the Action “European Days of Cultural Heritage / Persecution: Old and new stories of violence and tolerance” a periodic exhibition was held at the Piraeus Archaeological Museum entitled “Open Cities” (wounds of the war in Piraeus).

Piraeus is a city with many memories, experiences and charming stories. Collective and individual traces are seen in archaeological and historical sites, the city’s architectural character and industrial buildings. Among other historical events from antiquity to recent times, the inhabitants of Piraeus have experienced calamity and witnessed many disasters. The periodic exhibition presents the wounds such times left in the history of the city.

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