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Ottoman Bath “Hammam”, Kastellorizo Island, Greece

Friends of Kastellorizo (Project Assignment)

System of hypocaust installations

Plan (Proposal)

Section (Proposal)


Monument Architectural and Restoration Survey / Project Supervision




Fotini Chalvantzi (Architect Engineer), figenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer), Konstantinos Toumpakaris (Civil Engineer), Alexandra Gavrili (Antiquities and Artworks Conservator), Maria Dalkafouki (Mortar consultant), Archontoula Diakomanoli (Mechanical Engineer), Klisthenis Dimitriadis (Geophysisit), Faidra Stragali (Graphic Designer)


The project concerns the 19th century Ottoman baths (hammam) in the Muslim quarter of Kastellorizo, the most remote Greek island in the south-eastern Aegean sea. Before restoration it was abandoned and downgraded despite its strategic location adjacent to the most powerful landmark of the island, the “Red Castle”, at the highest point of the Kavos promontory. With the initiative of “Friends of Kastellorizo” the vision of preserving the hammam in order to reopen it came to life.


The hammam, a small building measuring 4.00x4.00m., covered with a dome, comprises a hot room, a water tank and hypocaust installations. Due to a long period of neglect, the hammam had lost many of its basic structural and functional elements. In addition to the restoration of the monument which followed traditional methods, the historical layering of the building, such as Italian graffiti and inscriptions from WW II, had to be taken into account. Thus the team adopted an interdisciplinary approach, with the main aim of restoring the building in its original form, re-integrating it in the local community and restoring its function as a bath house.

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