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Cottage, Kastellorizo Island, Greece

Nicoletta Fiorucci

Ground floor plan (Proposal)

First floor plan (Proposal)



Building Architectural and Restoration Survey / Interior and Exterior Design / Project Supervision





Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer), Fotini Halvantzi (Architect Engineer)


This traditional house on Kastellorizo Island was transformed into a cottage with the aim of highlighting the building’s profile without extensive interventions. 

Emphasis was placed on preserving the house in its original form, restoring the basic features of local architecture, such as colours, textures, frames, walls from lath and plaster, morphological elements, etc. 

The basic equipment of the cottage was made from local timber in a contemporary design. The mobile equipment is consisted of Plexiglas furniture or furniture-artworks, combining the modern use of the house with the island’s traditional architecture.

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