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The “Pink House”, Kastellorizo Island, Greece

Nicoletta Fiorucci

64. pink house.jpg
65. pink house.jpg

Photographers: Agnese Bedini and Melania Dalle Grave, DSL Studio, Source: financial





New Construction / Interior and Exterior Design / Project Supervision




Fotini Chalvantzi (Architect Engineer), Savas Laz (Artist-Designer), Konstantinos Toubakaris (Civil Engineer)


In Kastellorizo island, over some ruins, a three-storey house is built, which is designed according to the traditional architecture of the island. The building is named “Pink House” because of its neoclassical facades, that are painted in pink colour. The interior of the house is made by the Greek designer Savva Laz, who created all the equipment from recycled, discarded materials found in the streets of Athens. The forms of the white painted furniture refer to primitive sculpture. “Pink House” is an effort to highlight new and sustainable ways of creating and building.

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