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Church of “Saint Aikaterini” (Hagia Aikaterini), Plaka,

Athens, Greece

Archdiocese of Athens - Church of Saint Aikaterini of Plaka [Collaboration with Th. Kantzos for the “Fastening and Restoration of the Church of Saint Aikaterini in Plaka” Study]

Church plan (Proposal)

Church transverse section (Proposal)

Longitudinal section


Monument Architectural and Restoration Survey




Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer), Fotini Halvantzi (Architect Engineer), Stavros Papazoglou (Architect), Theodoros Kantzos (Civil Engineer), Nikolaos Charkiolakis (Consultant Architect Engineer), Nikolaos Gkioles (Consultant Professor of Byzantine Archeology)


The church of “Saint Aikaterini” (Hagia Aikaterini) is located in Plaka near the monument of Lysicrates. It dates back to the mid-11th century and was built on the ruins of an ancient sanctuary of Artemis. It is in the style of a simple four-column inscribed cruciform Byzantine church. During the Roman era there were bathing facilities in the western courtyard. On its side ancient columns and an architrave has been preserved. A Documentation and Restoration Study was carried out for the monument and underlying antiquities aimed at its preservation and promotion. 

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