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Museum of Modern Ceramics, Sifnos, Greece

Municipality of Sifnos, Museological Study for the creation of the Museum of Modern Ceramics in the Dragatsi building


Museographical Study: Lydia Koptsopoulou


Museum Study




Asimina Grigoriou (Archaeologist-Museologist), Lydia Koptsopoulou (Architect-Engineer)


The Museum of Modern Ceramics of Sifnos will be housed in the "Dragatsi" building, built in the 19th century in the Artemonas district. The building was successively used as the home of the ophthalmologist, Dimitrios Dimitriadis, as a municipal hostel and finally as a primary school.

The foundation of the Museum of Ceramics is an initiative of the Municipality of Sifnos in collaboration with the Pottery Association, with the aim of establishing a permanent collection and creating a permanent exhibition in a space designed to accommodate museum objects. It is part of a general effort to highlight and preserve the intangible cultural heritage of the island, which has associated its name with the art of ceramics.

The core of the permanent collection is the Collection of the architect-urban planner and visual artist Kosmas Xenakis, which consists of 84 characteristic objects of ceramics from the 1920s to the 1970s. It is also enriched with objects of the potters of the island.

A museological study has been carried out, which in combination with the architectural and museographic study, aims to highlight in a simple and comprehensive way all the aspects of the art of pottery in Sifnos, through the place, the objects and the people.

Finally, given that the wider plan of the Municipality of Sifnos, concerns the creation of a multi-cultural and leisure space, the complex to which the "Dragatsi" building belongs, will turn into a vital area for the island. The Museum is under implementation.

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