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The “Bath House of the Winds” (Hammam), Plaka, Greece

Greek Folk Art Museum - Greek Ministry of Culture (Planning and implementation in the framework of the Work contract of the NSRF Project “Restoration of a property complex of the Ministry of Culture on Adrianou-Areos-Kladou and Vrysakiou streets to host the MELT)

Photo Source: Greek Folk Art Museum 

Side elevation of exhibition stand


Exhibition Equipment Design




Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer-Museologist), Ioanna Palla (Archaeologist)


The “Bath house of the Winds” is the only surviving Ottoman bath house (hammam) of Athens. Dating back to the first period of Ottoman domination (1430-1669), it stands near the Roman Agora and the Clock of Kyrrestou. It was in operation until 1965. Today it belongs to the Greek Folk Art Museum of the Ministry of Culture.

The area of the bath-house hosts permanent and periodic exhibitions. For the needs of the Museum, exhibition equipment-information stands were designed that help visitors to read information about the exhibition through their mobile phones. The material used was transparent acrylic (Plexiglas), to allow abstractional operation in space and avoid competing with the exhibits and with the monument itself.

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