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Re-exhibition of the

Archaeological Collection of Lidoriki, Phocis, Greece

Ephorate of Antiquities of Phocis (Work contract for the “Museological-Museographical Study for the re-exhibition of the archaeological collection of Lidoriki, to be exhibited in the old Primary School)

Plan of exhibition area (Proposal)

3d visualizations

Selected objects from the Museum’s permanent Collection (source: Ephorate of Antiquities of Phocis)

View development of exhibition area


Museum Study / Exhibition Design




Athanasia Psalti (Archaeologist, Head of Ephorate), Anthi Tsarouxa (Archaeologist), Nikos Petrochilos (Archaeologis), Asimina Grigoriou (Archaeologist-Museologist), Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer-Museologist)

The Archaeological Collection of Lidoriki was officially founded in 1994, with the purpose of exhibiting the findings of the excavations of ancient Kallipolis (1970s), which is currently covered by the waters of the Mornos Lake. For this purpose, the building of the old Primary school in Lidoriki had been used.

The Primary School was built in 1912 with a donation from the national benefactor Andreas Syggros. In 1989 it was granted by the Community of Lidoriki to the Ministry of Culture, which undertook its repair and restoration in order to house the Archaeological Collection.

The first exhibition of the collection included findings from the geometric to the early Christian times, which were exhibited in chronological order. Relatively soon, however, due to the small exhibition space offered, and the unsuitable museum conditions, a number of ancient objects were withdrawn from the Lidoriki Collection, in order to be preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi and later re-placed in the Collection.

For this purpose, the Museological and Museographic Study was carried out, which focuses on the most important findings of the excavations, but at the same time attempts to present an overall picture of the city of Kallion and the wider region. It is primarily based on aspects of human activity and aspires to create an integrated visitor experience.

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