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Karystos Paths - Cultural Routes Network, Greece

Ephorate of Antiquities of Euboea - Greek Ministry of Culture (Study Assignment)

Elevation of fountain

Site plan of the town of Karystos - Cultural Routes

Elevation of stone bridge

Photo Source: Ephorate of Antiquities of Euboea, Ministry of Culture


Monument Architectural and Restoration Survey / Configuration and Highlighting of Paths




Emilio Bendermacher - Geroussis (Architect Engineer), Ifigenia Dimitriou (Architect Engineer), Giorgos Kourmadas (Architect Engineer), Evangelia Athanasiou (Architect Engineer), Maria Kosma (Archaeologist), Ianthi Kallipolitou (Surveying Engineer), Georgia Georgiadou (Archaeologist), Pari Kalamara (Archaeologist)


Karystos is a seaside city and a port of South Euboea. It has very good street plan with wide streets and squares made based on a design and at the order of the King of Greece Otto. Next to the harbour and the Archaeological Museum there is a 13th-century Venetian fortress (Bourtzi). In the framework of planning of cultural routes in Karystos, a Documentation and Restoration Study of selected monuments was drawn up, as well as a Promotion Proposal for the peri-urban monumental repository of the city (cobbled streets, bridges, fountains, etc.)

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