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“Once upon a time at Tatoi” at the Information Centre of Tatoi, Athens, Greece

Modern Cultural Heritage Directorate - Greek Ministry of Culture (Production of three short films on the history of the Palace of Tatoi in the framework of the Museographic Study for the "Transformation of the House of the Ranger of Tatoi into an Information Centre")

77. Kapote sto Tatoi.jpg

It is projected at the Tatoi Information Centre


Audiovisual Production / Duration 02’39”




Ifigenia Dimitriou ((Director-Editing), Dimitra Chrona (Production), Kyriaki Mavrommataki, Chrysa Savvidou (Research), Ifigenia Dimitriou, Kyriaki Mavrommataki, Chrysa Savvidou (Script), Achilleas Maroulis, Michalis Eleftheriou, Eleni Michalopoulou (Editing of texts - translation into English), Stamatis Koutsoulas, Vassilis Koutsoulas (Drone operators): Tatoi Archive / Directorate for the Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments (DSANM), Ministry of Culture. Digital Library of the Hellenic Parliament, Digital Library of the Hellenic Parliament, Archives of the Vradini Newspapers. Archive of ERT, Archive of the Greek Film Archive, Archive of the National Historical Museum, Archive of MIET-ELIA, Costas M. Stamatopoulos, Photographic Archive of Athanasios Sotiropoulos


Production of three short films on the history of the Tatoi Palace (nature, architecture, people) which are projected in a special construction - installation at the permanent exhibition of the Tatoi Information Centre.

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