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Ιkaria Island, Μakris or Doliche of the Aegean…

21st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities - Greek Ministry of Culture (Assignment of documentary production for the NSRF Project “Exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Saint Kirykos (Agios Kirykos) of Ikaria”)

It is projected at the Archaeological Museum of Saint Kirykos (Hagios Kirykos) in Ikaria


Archaeological Documentary / Duration 17’30’’




Ifigenia Dimitriou (Editing-A. Director), Emilio Bendermacher - Geroussis (Production Manager), Maria Viglaki-Sofianou (Texts), Pinelopi Kalligerou, Ioulia Skounaki, Foteini Christaki (Research Associates), Philippos Mpouraimis (Director/Photography), Eclipse Productions (Executive Producer), Thanasis Petropoulos (Narration), Ministry of Culture (Production)


Ikaria. An Northeast Aegean island in the straits between Samos and Mykonos, known since antiquity for its strong winds hencecalled Anemóessa (Windy). It shares certain elements with the Cyclades and the eastern Aegean islands, but has some special features that make it remarkable. The island is crossed from East to West by mount Athéras, whose highest peak reaches 1,042 m. 

Its precipitous slopes are interrupted by deep ravines where crystal clear waters flow from natural springs. Enormous megalithic granite rocks in barren areas of the island, on the mountains or by the sea, seem the work of giants. The hot radioactive springs on the island’s south-eastern coasts have been famous since antiquity. 

The distinctive landscape of Ikaria is made up of a combination of wild mountainous scenery with beautiful green gullies and rocky coasts ending in wonderful sandy beaches. 

The documentary presents the history and archaeological finds of Ikaria.

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