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Permanent Archaeological Exhibition “Tales οf Invisible Water”

Piraeus, Greece

"Dimotiko Theatro" Metro Station Line 3 Extension, "Haidari - Piraeus" Section

Owner: Attiko Metro S.A.

Joint Venture Contractor: J&P - Avax S.A. - Ghella S.P.A. - Alstom Transport S.A.

73.peiraias nero.jpg

The Baths during the Roman Period (Section)

Photography: Savvas Spyridonos

The Aqueduct (General Plan)

The houses (Plans)


Museum Study / Project Supervision




Ephorate of Antiquities of Piraeus & Islands: Stella Chryssoulaki (Director - General Overview), Dora Evangelou (Museological study - Exhibition curating), Panagiotis Koutis, Giorgos Peppas (Archaeological documentation), Emilio Bendermacher-Geroussis (Architectural renderings), Conservation of archaeological findings: Tatiana Panagopoulou (Supervisor), Lazaros Valsamis, Giannis Kalasarinis, Nikos Karanikolas, Eirini Karpathiou, Christina Lygopoulou, Foteini Brofa (Conservators), Attiko Metro: Evangelos Kolovos, Sissy Voutyritsa, Manolis Ouranos (Project management), Polyxeni Antoniou (Architectural design - Supervision), Sissy Voutyritsa, Giorgos Giannaras (Construction supervision), Emilio Bendermacher-Geroussis (Construction supervision for the Ephorate of Antiquities of Piraeus & Islands), Dimitris Sideris (Site manager for the Joint Venture), Designers/Curators: Spyros Nasainas, Despoina Tsafou (Museographic design), Tetragon S.A., Elias Papadopoulos (Ancient cistern presentation and ceiling lighting architectural design), Vasilis Kritikos (Historic square restoration design), Matina Magklara (Exhibition lighting design), Akrivi Anagnostaki (Graphic design), Panagiotis Tsibiridis, Ino Theodorou, Betty Evangelinou (Video), Christos Giannelos, Nasos Mantzanas, Giannis Karagiannis (Structural design), Tekem S.A., Giorgos Kavoulakos (Electrical & Mechanical design), Dimitris Selimis (Replica construction design), Michael Eleftheriou (English translation), Eleni Michalopoulou (Text editing), Construction: Tetragon S.A., Elias Papadopoulos (Construction of thematic exhibition), Veta S.A. (Special metal structures), Dimitris Selimis (Replica construction), Dimitris Kalomallos, Dora Tarasi, Marilena Giannaki, Athena Rigopoulou (Coordination of designs)


The permanent archaeological exhibition "Tales of Invisible Water" was delivered to the public along with the "Municipal Theater" station and forms part of a systematic research effort embarked on by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Piraeus and the Islands when the rescue excavations linked to the Extension of Line 3 of the Athens Metro to Piraeus were in their earliest stages.

The exhibition seeks to link water management to the historical and social development of ancient Piraeus. It is divided into five thematic sections, which trace the invisible routes water takes through the city and tells us tales about how ancient Piraeus functioned.

The archaeological evidence on display comes from two complementary sources: household debris and the city's underground water supply infrastructure. On the one hand, the traces of the architectural structures allow us to analyze and visualize the Piraeus cityscape. On the other, the wells and cisterns, viewed alongside the artefacts retrieved from the mud within them, shed light both on how this underground system was used, and on the everyday lives of the city's inhabitants. They are nothing short of “time capsules”.

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